Indigenous initiatives are happening throughout the diverse Faculties, departments, schools, research centres and institutions across our campuses; in classrooms, labs, seminar halls, residence spaces, and throughout our virtual learning commons. The goal of this page is to offer a central location where this work can live as a resource to other faculty members, researchers, and others - both on and off our campus.  To see what students across our campus are up to, visit our Indigenous Initiatives Student portal. For a list of Indigenous research being conducted at Waterloo, visit our Research and Researchers portal.

Please let us know Indigenous Initiatives happening on our campus that should be included in our list by contacting us at

Acknowledging Territory in Virtual Spaces with Sorouja Moll

In many cases, we are engaged in virtual learning spaces. Sorouja Moll, a Continuing Lecturer in the Department of Communications Arts has created a video demonstration of a Territorial Acknowledgement. This video demonstrates what can be done to communicate the importance of recognizing territory and our association to it. Sorouja has also offered an accompanying document (PDF) that provides context around the video, and offers an alternative format of delivery should faculty members not wish to do a video recording of their own.

Faculty Association Indigenization Working Group

FAUW’s Indigenization working group aims to help faculty members better understand and take action on Indigenization and reconciliation efforts.