The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO): March Events Feature

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Colourful bird in flightWaterloo’s SVPRO supports all members of the University of Waterloo campus community who have experienced, or been impacted, by sexual violence. This is ongoing work that also includes educational and capacity-building programming centred on creating a campus where consent culture lives and thrives. 

During the month of March, SVPRO has several workshops, events, and opportunities in which to engage. To encourage discussion and virtual interaction, many of these opportunities have limited group size, so early registration is suggested. 

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence Part I & II: March 22 and March 25, 2:30-4pm

In this three-hour workshop, divided over two days, attendees will develop tools, strategies, and resources to respond effectively to disclosures of sexual violence. Each of us plays an important role in promoting a safe (r) and inclusive environment, and this workshop will provide some of the key tools you will need to respond effectively to a disclosure of sexual violence. 

Note: Attendees are required to participate in both 1.5 hour workshops. 

Who should attend: Students, staff and faculty whose roles on campus mean a greater likelihood of receiving a disclosure of sexual violence. 

Check out some fundamental how-tos on responding to disclosures. 

Listening and Learning Session with Community Justice Initiatives (CJI):  

Staff and Faculty: March 30, 1:30-3pm

You are invited to join SVPRO and CJI for a Learning & Listening Session on including Restorative Justice practices when addressing incidents of sexual violence at the University of Waterloo. CJI is a local non-profit organization known worldwide for beginning the first modern restorative justice program and has over 40 years of experience applying these principles to issues in our community.   

Providing restorative justice options for addressing harm acknowledges that most sexual violence occurs within relationships and allows an opportunity to provide a safe way for those involved to be heard, develop understanding, and find a way to move forward. Restorative Justice is embedded as an option within Policy 42 – Prevention of, and Response to, Sexual Violence and as such we would like to invite our campus community to learn more about this practice. 

Who should attend: Any staff/faculty who are curious about restorative justice and are willing to share their thoughts, ideas and wonders about its application in a post secondary context.

Wen-Do Women’s Virtual Self-Defence Workshop: March 11, 3-5pm and March 26, 1-3pm

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office invites you to a 2-hour virtual Wen-Do Feminist Self-Defense class.  

Your Wen-Do instructor will facilitate discussions that involve the breaking down and debunking of victim-blaming stereotypes and myths that surround women’s self-defence. You will also have the opportunity to learn and practice physical and verbal self-protection skills. 

Who should attend: All women and non-binary students, staff and faculty of all abilities, along with women and non-binary household members aged 10 and older. 

Policy 42 and You: March 30, 1-2pm

At this session, you will find out more about the key updates to Policy 42: the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy and Procedures, the process for making a complaint, as well as your roles and responsibilities as a university employee or student leader when someone has been impacted by sexual violence. 

Who should attend: All staff, faculty and student leaders  

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