Equity Specialist

Emily BurnellPronouns: She/Her

Emily provides confidential support to students, faculty and staff experiencing equity related barriers; which can involve advocacy, connection to resources, discerning potential interim solutions, proposing training opportunities and recommending responsive systemic change. She also advises Faculties and Academic Support Units on equity, supports Equity Office projects that advance equity on campus, creates resources on best practices and partners with key campus stakeholders in their equity work.

Contact Emily:

  • If you’re an equity deserving student, faculty or staff member seeking support.
  • If you’re seeking an equity perspective on a project, initiative, plan, policy, or resource for your department. This may include terms of reference, language for your website, job ads, orientation materials, best practice documents etc.
  • If you’re interested in expressing support or providing feedback on an existing initiative and are unsure which team member to connect with.
  • If you have questions about a project that Emily is leading.
University of Waterloo
Contact information: 

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