Pride at UWaterloo

Pride at UWaterloo is a month where we prioritize the celebration of our LGBTQ2+ students, faculty and staff, focus on the significant contributions and vital role they play in our campus community, and hold space for conversations on how we can work together to create a more inclusive campus.

This Pride, as we turn our attention to focus on the violent, oppressive racism and specifically anti-Black racism in Canada, and on our campus – we must recognize that advancing equity, social justice and the dismantling of systems of oppression cannot happen in silos. We must work together to centre and prioritize the voices of BIPOC folks as we advance LGBTQ2+ initiatives, disability justice, decolonization, anti-racism, gender equity and any other anti-oppressive work.

Pride is about celebration – but it is also about resistance, reform, advocacy, and justice – and as the UW Equity Office we are committed to these principles and to intersectionality in everything we put forward.

We wanted to create a page to celebrate Pride and for students, faculty, and staff to explore for support, resources, community, and educational materials. We recognize that this year, the pandemic has disrupted typical avenues for celebration and community – and hope that some of the events listed will be useful for LGBTQ2+ campus members. As you review the webpage, if you know of other resources, social or community building opportunities that may be applicable, please contact us using the email address listed at the end.

Thanks, and Happy Pride!

Thank you for taking the time to review these materials. If you know of any events, webinars or resources that we should add, or would like to talk more about the supports the Equity Office provides LGBTQ2+ students, faculty and staff please email: