Call for Submissions: Interactive, Intersectional Sexual Violence Awareness Initiative

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office invites all University of Waterloo students to create an awareness, education, or action on sexual violence and consent that compliments the education, awareness raising, and training of the office. These actions, activities and events are to take place the month of March 2020.

Submission Deadline: February 16th, 2020 @ 5:00PM 

Below we have listed the project goals, timelines, budget and criteria. Before submitting your proposal, please read the full callout_for_proposals.pdf (PDF document)

Submit your proposal to: Meaghan Ross


We want UW students to have an opportunity to create awareness, education or action on sexual violence and consent that compliments the education, awareness raising and training provided by the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office;

Students can work individually or with other students or with student organizations on campus to create their initiatives. The focus is for these initiatives to be engaging and "not the usual" outreach or campaigns we see on campus. They should be action oriented or analysis-oriented; making people think, learn, do better, and so forth. Some ideas include:

  • Creating a social media campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Hosting an event where students practice their consent skills
  • Creating artwork for colouring sheets for survivors


You can apply for up to $500. If all proposals require the full $500, then 6 proposals can be selected.

Submitting Your Proposal

Your proposal can be sent as a word document, powerpoint, youtube link, it's up to you!

Be sure to include:

  • A description of your action, event, activity, initiative
  • Information on how your proposed initiative meets the purpose, goals, timelines, budgets, and criteria we’ve outlined above
  • A detailed budget of the funding your requesting
  • A proposed time and date for your initiative
  • Any questions you have for us about next steps
  • Please also include your agreement, if your proposal is selected, to provide promotional materials for your initiative that SVPRO can post on our social media channels


February 16th @ 5:00pm - Proposal Submissions due

February 23rd - Submissions reviewed

February 24th - Recipients notified if funds awarded

March 1st - Funds Transferred

Beginning March 1st - Promotion of activities, actions and events

March 1st - March 28th - Activities, actions and events commence

Completed by April 4th - Debrief activities with organizers