About Humans in Complex Systems Lab

Human factors is a multi-disciplined area of study that applies the knowledge of human capabilities and limitations to the design of tasks, tools, and complex systems. The main objectives of human factors are to maximize comfort, efficiency, and productivity for the human, while minimizing the risk of errors and injury, and their related costs.

We study complex human task environments. We design technology that is made for humans. We are connecting engineering with human minds and bodies.

Humans in Complex Systems (HCOM) is one of the four laboratories at the University of Waterloo's human factors research group in Department of Systems Design Engineering. 

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Humans in Complex Systems Lab

Our research focus in HCOM Lab is on cognitive complexity and decision making in large complex socio-technical systems, especially in the aviation area. We want to understand how system design impacts safety and performance in systems like air traffic control, cockpits, operations center and other command and control environments. Our current research projects can be found under projects.