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Report on Giving 2019


Gifts that go beyond.

Report on Giving
2018 / 2019

On the surface, the University of Waterloo is a hub of talented alumni, students and researchers.

Behind the scenes, generous donors create a solid foundation where our ideas and applications can grow. Together, we can improve the lives of those in our local communities and societies around the world.

This Report on Giving offers a small collection of examples that show the impact of your generosity. Thank you for giving to Waterloo. Your contributions will help move society forward.


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Your generous and visionary support today will help drive disruptive innovation, fuel our economies, and shape a better world for us all.


Feridun Hamdullahpur
President and Vice-Chancellor



Institutional highlights in 2018-2019


SDSN Students

The first 50 years

For 50 years, the Faculty of Environment has solved pressing challenges and educated leaders in sustainability. Today, the impact of Environment alumni, faculty and staff spans across the globe. Led by Environment, Waterloo was named host for the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Canada in 2018.


Renowned research

Waterloo researchers are recognized for their ground-breaking work.

Donna Strickland

In December 2018, Donna Strickland received the Nobel Prize in Physics for her research in laser science. Today, her work is used in laser eye surgery, with more medical applications possible in the future.

Keith Hippel

Keith Hipel (BASc ’70, MASc ’72, PhD ’75) is the first Killam Prize winner from Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering, recognized for his unique approach to researching water resources and environmental issues.

Avery Broderick

Avery Broderick and his group played a key role in helping the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration interpret the first image of a black hole. The project was a historic global collaboration that proved the existence of black holes.


Global network, global impact

Our alumni are making change

With more than 210,000 individuals in 145 countries, Waterloo’s alumni network is a force to be reckoned with. In 2019, 12 young alumni and former students were named to international “Top 30 Under 30” lists. They are proof that the Waterloo community is filled with game changers who make a big impact on our world and global economy.

Top 30 Under 30


Martin Basiri

Pledge allegiance to impact

Waterloo receives its 60th Startup Pledge

By signing the Startup Pledge, entrepreneurs commit to donating a portion of their company’s future success. When their company has a liquidity event, like an IPO, a small portion of the realized options are converted into a gift to Waterloo.

Martin Basiri (MASc ’13), co-founder of ApplyBoard, is the 60th Startup Pledger. Thank you to Martin, and all the generous founders before him!

Read Martin's story


Startup Pledge

By the numbers:

Total donated


The total amount donated to Waterloo in 2018-2019*.

  • 9,120 donors*
  • 27 countries
  • $7.8M to scholarships
  • $15.9M to programs
  • $7M to research
  • $4.9M to chairs and professorships
  • $2.7M to buildings

$18.7M from individuals

  • $9.9M from alumni
  • $5.7M from parents and friends
  • $2.6M from students
  • $0.5M from faculty, staff and retirees**

$19.6M from corporations, foundations and organizations


First Time


First time donors to Waterloo

Monthly donors


Number of monthly donors



Bequest gifts confirmed



Donations towards endowments

*These figures represent dollars RAISED and include cash, pledges, gifts-in-kind, and other revenue promised or given May 1, 2017, to April 30, 2018. Figures exclude payments on pledges made prior to the current year. All figures are unaudited. *Figure does not include the thousands of students each year who make voluntary contributions. **Overall, the Keystone Campaign, Waterloo's family campaign, raised in excess of $2.7 million. This figure comprises gifts from all sources, including the Board of Governors, faculty, staff, retirees, and alumni who work for Waterloo.


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