Wellness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – is crucial to student success. Your generosity provides a variety of programs, spaces and resources that improve students' health.

Healthy bodies

Encouraging balance through physical activity and play

Thanks to generous donors, including local company WalterFedy, we’re extending the reach of our programs with specialized promotions and new offerings. In September 2019, we began a large communications campaign, promoting how physical activity improves academic success, community engagement and mental resiliency.

Our students have access to a variety of spaces, teams and clubs funded by donors. In the next 5 years, we have exciting plans to encourage physical activity, including outdoor play and workout spaces.

Healthy spaces

Building new spaces to socialize, play and reflect


Following renovations, our libraries can better support students’ mental health and wellness while serving their academic needs. New lounges offer a comfortable space to relax and meet with friends, and a multi-faith prayer room supports spiritual wellness and diversity. These new spaces are home to the Library’s student engagement programs, which promote stress relief through educational activities.

Field House

This new 65,000-foot facility connects to the west side of the Columbia Icefield building and features a multi-activity turf space. While the space will primarily be used for recreation, intramurals and sports clubs, the climate-controlled space is also available for varsity practices and training. With this new addition, students will benefit from more recreational opportunities throughout the year.

Physical Activities Complex

Waterloo students have expressed the need for more social, study, dining and recreation space. We listened, and broke ground on an expansion to the Student Life Centre and Physical Activities Complex. The 63,000-square-foot addition will provide facilities for socializing, multi-faith activities, fitness and dining.

Equipment and small spaces

We have new equipment and spaces open now, and exciting plans to promote wellness on campus.

Workout icon

Outdoor play and work out spaces

Sleeping spaces

Unplug / nap rooms

Disc Golf

Disc Golf (now open)


Study space

Study space

Climbing icon

High ropes


Beach volleyball (now open)


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Game rooms


Healthy minds

Creating the support that students need

With your help, we’re providing a supportive environment for all Waterloo students. In 2018, more than 50 front-line services staff received mental health first aid training, giving them the tools to provide critical support. Plus, we created online mental health workshops, so students can access resources anywhere, at any time. With up to 800 visitors every month, these online resources are helping many students improve their wellbeing and resiliency.