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Administrative musts

There are a number of administrative details for you to attend to as an Independent Studies (IS) student and as a member of the University of Waterloo community. You are expected to learn what those details are and discover how to attend to them using your own savvy efforts.

IS academic advisors are a wealth of information as is the office staff -- plus your fellow IS students. Consult, ask, hunt.


When you setup your UWaterloo email, be sure to include your full name and UWaterloo student identification number as a signature. UWaterloo considers your name ID number, and the email time and date stamp as your "signature." By the way, consider adding this information to all academic material for UWaterloo — applications, correspondence (email, vmail, notes, etc.), assignments, exams — you name it! Get in the habit of adding it to everything for UWaterloo and save yourself delays in processing your requests.



For information about undergraduate FEES for the current academic year, visit the website for the University of Waterloo's Finance.

Information about scholarships and bursaries is found at the University of Waterloo's Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

Note: Scholarships are based on grades while bursaries are typically based on need and grades. Many scholarships and bursaries go unused so don't hesitate about applying -- and start now.

You may want to consider the information provided at the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Considering graduate studies? Be sure to apply for funds from the appropriate organization well in advance of your expected entry.

Undergraduate Transcript Request

Use the official transcripts information for undergraduate students form if you are an undergraduate student requesting official transcripts and have never enrolled or are currently enrolled in Graduate Studies (PhD or Masters).

Cost and methods of payment of each transcript is found at on the Registrar's Office site.

Upon receipt of the completed form and payment, please allow at least one week for processing.

If you are applying for undergraduate studies at an Ontario university, teacher's college, medical school, or law school, there is a quicker way to send your official transcript by ordering your transcript(s) through Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

UWaterloo processes electronic requests daily, Monday to Friday.

Note: We recommend that you also order your own official transcript(s) directly from the Registrar's Office at UWaterloo so that you can ensure the accompanying letters are attached to your transcripts.

Need to change your name?

If your current surname is different from your previous surname (your surname when you were last registered at UWaterloo) and you would like to have your current surname appear on your UWaterloo record and official transcript(s), complete the "Change of Name" form found at the Registrar's Office site and attach it and supporting documentation to your transcript request.