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BIS Thesis project and documentary

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rebeccah ReddenRebeccah Redden, IS thesis student, is leading Project Uprooted, a thesis project that will result in an interactive and living map of young activists from the Waterloo Region and across Canada. Young activists will share their stories about their community advocacy involvement and comment on how media have represented their activities and, in turn, how the reporting has impacted on their identities.

Rebeccah experienced a distortion of her own activist activities by the media that negated the efforts she and friends were making as a legitimate part of social change. She soon realized that operating a camera on her own meant she could “show, not [just] tell, the side of social and environmental justice the media seemed to ignore.”

Rebeccah has been joined by fellow community organizer, Thane Robyn. Together they had noticed a gap in the literature and media portrayals of the experiences of young activists aged 14-18 in particular. Their goal under Project Uprooted is to gather stories from communities across Canada to study and understand the unreported narratives that both fuel and hinder their movements. Additionally, Project Uprooted will offer workshops for youth about organizing for community effectiveness, strategies to work with media, and how to make their own documentaries or shorts.

Working with a very low budget and with plans to travel across Canada, Rebeccah and Thane are asking for cash and in-kind donations through their Kickstarter page. Money raised will subsidize accessibility issues such as childcare, food, meeting space, and translators.

Sounds, exciting, Rebeccah! We look forward to viewing your final documentary.

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