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Giraffe in the news again!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Giraffe feeding in AfricaGiraffe are in the news again!

Two documentaries are now in process to make the public aware of the decreasing numbers of giraffe. Both involve our own Dr. Anne Innis Dagg, who was the first to study the behaviour of the giraffe in the 1950s -- and indeed the first to study any animal in the wilds of Africa she assures us.

Dr. Dagg was in South Africa late last month filming and discovered, “The area where sixty years ago giraffe roamed over large territories has now been divided into residences, farms growing crops, and many private game reserves where so few giraffe still flourish. Today, about two million people live in small houses in the area.”

This species is in danger of becoming extinct in the wild; in the past fifteen years, their numbers in Africa have decreased forty per cent to about 80,000 individuals. There are now far fewer giraffe in the wild than elephants, whose plight has been of great concern for many years.  

CBC The Nature of Things is expected to air its documentary on the subject of giraffe this coming 2015-2016 season. The second production is an independent documentary, Pursuing Giraffe, produced by Alison Reid and Free Spirit Films that focuses on Dr. Dagg and her work with giraffe.

Anne with film crew in Africa

Anne Innis Dagg in Africa with film crew and fellow researcher, John Doherty, from Queen's University, Belfast

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