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Retirement means ...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ted McGeeMany contend that retirement means "no pressure, no stress, no heartache - unless you play golf!"

Ted McGee (Dr. C. Edward McGee), Distinguished Professor Emeritus, does play golf but that’s not all he’s been doing since his official retirement in 2011 from St. Jerome’s University as a specialist in Shakespeare and Early English Drama.

Dr. McGee is a long-time supporter of the Stratford Festival in a variety of roles as board member, lecturer, and educational consultant. He also continues to provide research for several international theatre history projects. Currently, he is member of the prestigious Records of Early English Drama North-East, a group of distinguished scholars and experts of medieval and early modern history, theatre, the visual arts, dance, and music. They are preparing “critical edition[s] of all surviving records of performance and entertainment in England’s North-East from the ninth century to 1642.” Dr. McGee is co-editor of the REED West Yorkshire volume.

Dr. McGee has also been an Academic Advisor with the Independent Studies program since January 2013 and has retired from this position as of the end of the summer 2015 term to pursue his remaining “retirement” interests.

All of us in the IS community will miss his involvement and his presence, and it is with gratitude that we wish him well on the other parts of his retirement journey.

Thank you, Ted, for your participation and contributions to IS. Come say hello -- whenever time and golf permit!

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