Working Groups' Terms of Reference

President’s Steering Committee on an
Indigenization Strategy for the University of Waterloo

Working Groups Terms of Reference

1. The Steering Committee shall advise the President, Provost, and senior management at the University on the development of an Indigenization Strategy for the university, including, but not limited to, developing a response to the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada, with particular respect to those pertaining to higher education. As the calls to action from the TRC are framed with respect to all of Canadian society, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, our strategy is directed at engaging with our entire University of Waterloo community.

2. The Steering Committee, will establish working groups to address specific areas of interest identified, and in so doing will invite the involvement of members from within or outside of the university community. The specific areas include:

3. Each working group will be chaired by one member of the Steering Committee.

4. Each working group will consist of 10 members, plus the Chair. At minimum, one shall be a student, and one will be a self-identifying as Indigenous, and one will be from affiliated and federated institutions of Waterloo.

6. The purpose of each working group will be to conduct an environmental scan to identify strengths, identify gaps, and make recommendations for improvements to bridge those gaps for the University of Waterloo. The reports stemming from each working group will form the basis of the Indigenization strategy for Waterloo.

7. The working group will engage in a two-phase process. Phase one will be to engage in an environmental scan around best practices, and the University of Waterloo’s strengths and gaps, in light of the calls to action of the TRC. Phase two will be to develop recommendations for addressing the gaps to be submitted to the Steering Committee.

8. The Steering Committee will provide a final report to the President by Summer 2018 with recommendations for the Indigenization Strategy; including but not limited to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action. As the committee progresses in the process of listening and learning, interim reports may be provided to the President or the university community as appropriate.