Update from Kelly Davis, Indigenization Strategy Coordinator

In an effort to increase communication and understanding on the nature and scope of the Indigenization strategy work happening both in the working groups and in the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion, we decided to start bi-weekly updates that will summarize various activities. The inaugural update includes:

  • Kelly Davis (Coordinator, Indigenous Strategy) has been busy engaging with both internal (Counseling Services, Office of Research, Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre, Indigenous Advisory Council, School of Architecture and Co-op)  and external stakeholders including (Trent University, Six Nations Polytechnic, Six Nations Tourism, University of Toronto, York University and Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board ) while coordinating a  local Indigenous cultural experience for working groups members (more information on this in the next update).  As well as providing her holistic framework presentation and traditional Haudenosaunee governance structure for working group members.
  • The steering committee (https://uwaterloo.ca/indigenization-strategy/steering-committee-members ) continue to meet monthly. The focus of this month’s meeting was revisiting the timelines for the draft report and an initial discussion of external reviewers for the draft recommendations. If you have suggestions for external reviewers, please pass them along to your working group Chair.
  • The Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion group are working with St. Paul’s and the Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre to plan complementary activities to leverage this foundational work created by WISC and Lori’s team for June 21- National Aboriginal Day (https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100013718/1100100013719 ) and we look forward to engaging all of you in those events (more details in the next update)
  • Each working group is in the process of completing their environmental scans that included UW campuses, other post-secondary institutions including Indigenous institutions, and secondary education pathways. Many groups are also developing draft recommendations.

Next update: April 23rd, 2018