Policy and Procedures Working Group

Chair, Dr. Doug Peers Dean of Arts

To ensure the success of the University of Waterloo Indigenization strategy, and to enable us to act in an effective and timely manner upon specific recommendations pertaining for example to curriculum, research, student life, community engagement, faculty and staff recruitment and retention, we need to ensure that the policies and procedures we have at hand are up to the tasks that will be demanded of them. We will be reviewing current policies and procedures of the University of Waterloo and of our partners, namely the affiliated and federated colleges and university, the Federation of Students, Graduate Students Association, Staff Association, and the Faculty Association, which could impinge upon our ability to deliver on an Indigenization strategy. We will be sensitive to both the intended as well the potentially unintended consequences of such policies and procedures.
The Policies and Procedures Working Group will therefore be working in a collaborative and iterative manner, looking in large part to the other working groups to identify possible Indigenization initiatives, which we can then review with an eye to ensuring that their efforts can best be supported either through existing policies and procedures, or by suggesting that new ones be developed following consultation with relevant groups on campus as well as relevant local indigenous groups. Our committee is committed to ensuring that we respect UW practice and custom, particularly with respect to decision-making, most notably the respective authority of departmental and faculty-level councils and Senate. We will also be seeking to learn from other universities. Consequently, our objectives include reviewing best practices in a selection of Canadian universities engaged in similar goals of Indigenization, identifying expert Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners inside and outside academe with whom we can share insights and experiences, undertaking a preliminary inventory of our current policies and guidelines by looking at them through an Indigenization lens, and examining suggestions from the other working groups in the context of current policies and procedures.


Michael Seymour 

Indigenous Strategy Advisor to the Dean of Mathematics

Shahene Patel

MA Candidate, Global Governance, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Aisha Shibli 

Research and Policy Officer, Federation of Students

Dahlia Khajeei, PhD Student

School of Public Health and Health Systems 

Kelly Laurila, MSW

Lecturer, Department of Social Development Studies, Social Work, Renison University College

Sarah Lau, PhD

Grants and Contracts Manager, Institutional Research

Julia Roberts, PhD

Chair and Associate Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Arts

Adam Thibert

Student, Faculty of Arts

Alice Raynard

Associate University Secretary (Risk & Compliance)