Student Experience Working Group

Chair, Dr. Katherine Bergman Principal at St. Jerome's University

University of Waterloo and all its’ partners will seek to build a holistic student experience – academic and non-academic – that honours, respects and values the diversity of expression of individual students within the campus community. By providing a student experience where all students feel welcomed, are nurtured and can thrive, we create an equitable environment where each student has the opportunity for success. Essential to this experience is fostering a campus community where students feel they belong, are respected for who they are and what they contribute. Creating a sense of place for all students is foremost.

Within the specific context of Indigenous students’ experience, University of Waterloo will need to create a campus-wide collegial academic and non-academic environment of respect for traditional knowledge and wisdom, where students can explore their identity; culture; language and spirituality through research; teaching and learning; and ceremony from Indigenous faculty, staff and elders.  Non-Indigenous students will be invited to encounter Indigenous culture, language and spirituality as we work together to build bridges of understanding and trust.


Craig Fortier, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Development Studies - Renison University College

Rowland Robinson

PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology & Legal Studies

Amy Smoke, BA, BSW

Events Coordinator - Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre 

Charity Nonkes

Student, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies - Conrad Grebel University College 

Martha Fauteux, MaMS

Director of Campus Ministry

Jon Franchetto

​Student, St. Jerome's University College

Sabrina Bedjera

MASc.Candidate, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lisa Brackenridge

Manager, Integrated Communications - Student Success Office

Efrem Sandy

Physical Security Technician 

Denise Redmond

BASE / EFAS instructor, English Language Institute - Renison University College