Resources and information for IT administrators can be found on our Proofpoint Protection Server (PPS) for IT Staff page. A link to some frequently asked questions is in the sidebar.

Email security for Connect users: PPS

Proofpoint Protection Server (PPS) is a new email security service implemented by IST for Connect users. It provides an additional layer of protection for email coming into our systems from off-campus, with improved blocking of spam, phishing, and malware email.


The most noticeable change is a separate quarantine for email. 

  • You will receive a notification via email (sent at approximately 7:00 a.m. on weekdays) should there be any messages in the quarantine for you. This quarantine will contain any email classified by the system as spam (vs. malware or certain types of phishing attempts).
  • You may visit your quarantine at any time by going to the quarantine site
    • To log in, use your 8 character WatIAm userid as the Username and enter your regular password. 
  • You may release or delete email from the quarantine; anything left for more than 31 days will be automatically deleted.
  • Email identified as malware will be placed in quarantine, but you will not be able to see or access the message(s). A request can be submitted to the IST Service Desk (admin users) if you require assistance identifying, and possibly releasing, a quarantined malware message. 
    • The request can be submitted by you or by your departmental computing rep or local faculty IT computing contact/service desk staff.

Should you find specific senders repeatedly classified as spam, you may create an allow list for individual senders or domains through the user quarantine interface.


While the system has been tuned to be as gentle as possible with email while still effectively blocking undesired content, it is possible that the user-accessible allow-listing controls are insufficient. In case of doubt, please contact your departmental computing rep or local faculty IT computing contact/service desk staff for assistance. Mistaken classifications may be raised through IST to Proofpoint for analysis.