Examining symantec endpoint protection (SEP) replacements

Waterloo nexus advisory group (WNAG) subgroup: Symantec endpoint protection (SEP) replacement

Precis: In Spring 2014, Information Systems & Technology (IST) began an examination of the feasibility of replacing Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) with System Centre Endpoint Protection (SCEP). While this is not a formal project page, it is a repository for information related to the project.

The end goal of the project has been modified to write a formal report back to the campus Computing Technology and Services Committee (CTSC).

Current documentation

Project charter (PDF)

Strategy for replacing SEP (PDF)

2014-10-28 Update (PDF)

Academic support general meeting November 2014 - slides (PDF)

Academic support general meeting speaker notes (PDF)

Presentation to CTSC, 2014-12-11 (PPT)

Presentation to CTSC, 2015-02-05 (PPT)