Investigation of digital signage use on campus

A recent project to investigate digital signage on campus was completed. The project summarized digital signage on campus and there were many recommendations in the project closure report (PDF). These recommendations will be reviewed by various IT committees.

Digital signage providers

There are many buildings on campus using digital signage. Digital signage services are currently offered by Retail Services, Engineering Computing, Environment Computing, and Arts Computing. Some departments (e.g. Food Services) are using commercial solutions, while others, such as Science Computing, are developing a new, local solution. Science Computing is expected to launch their solution by February 2016.


Guidelines for interior building signage have been developed by Plant Operations as requests for interior building signage, including digital signage, have increased. The guidelines apply to information content, signage standards, and approval processes for installation. One particular standard to note is, “departmental identification signs (including digital displays) will be limited to two per building, located close to the departmental office/reception area, will not exceed five square feet in area, and may contain the standard fonts and graphics used by the department in publications.”

Digital signage as a central service

The university does not have plans to offer digital signage as a central service. The technology behind digital signage changes often, and IT staff monitor this technology. If you have questions, please submit them via the Request Tracker (RT) system.