Enterprise Systems – “The Invisibles”

My workday at the University usually starts by parking my car in a parking lot and a quick stop at the Davis Centre Tim’s for a cup of coffee. I use a fob to enter my building, adjust the office temperature, and start an application on my computer to begin my routine work. I may check my HR information and/or training enrolment on myHRinfo, and if I’m feeling a little under the weather, pop over to Health Services for a quick health appointment.

[Anonymous UW employee]

This is a familiar scenario for all of us in our routine workday. Working behind the scenes to enable this seamless experience is a group of invisibles, whose dedicated efforts keep all the applications, from HR systems to student and health systems, up and running. This group is called Enterprise Systems (ES).

ES, one of eight groups that comprises Information Systems & Technology (IST), is committed to planning, designing, implementing and supporting enterprise systems that are innovative, integrated, user-friendly and secure. Working collaboratively with others across campus, the ES team acquire, customize or build solutions to best meet business needs.

ES supports systems in a complex environment which resembles that of a medium sized Canadian city. It actively supports more than 130 applications that are used by tens of thousands of users every day. At any instance, it is either leading or supporting 100+ projects with stakeholders as varied as students, faculties, departments, employees, alumni, banks, external agencies, other universities and governments.

Your business success is the group’s true reward and satisfaction. David Zweig, the author of Invisibles could say that the Enterprise Systems demonstrates "the Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion." 

Feel free to visit the DCA web page to learn more about their work and how it supports your day-to-day activities here at Waterloo.

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