Quest Mobile menu buttonsIn early May 2014, Information Systems & Technology (IST) partnered with the Registrar’s Office (RO), Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), and Graduate Studies Office (GSO) to implement a mobile interface to the Quest student system.

A primary goal of this project was to increase the usability of Quest on mobile devices while also presenting a user interface branded in alignment with Waterloo’s Student Portal and digital standards from Marketing and Strategic Communications. The result of this project was the implementation of Quest Mobile.

What's Quest Mobile?

  • A student interface to Quest that launched in mid-November 2014
  • Students are automatically directed to Quest Mobile when accessing Quest on a mobile device via the existing Quest URL
  • The Quest full site version is also accessible via the “Full site” link on the Quest Mobile login page
  • This new interface simplified and modernized existing functionality for usage on smartphones and tablets
  • Android, Apple, and Blackberry-based mobile devices are supported

What are the benefits for students?

Expanded menu view of Quest MobileStudents can easily perform core Quest functionality on personal mobile devices in a secure manner. Examples include the ability to:

  • view grades, class schedules, and appointments
  • add, drop, and swap classes
  • search for classes
  • view and update personal information
  • upload documents
  • view program and advisor information
  • register for a GO pass

What's happened since go-live?

August 2015

Screen shot of class schedule on smartphone screenThe team has been working to update and extend the Quest Mobile interface. In August, an upgraded version was implemented with new features including:

  • A minimalist and modern “flat design” with high-definition vector-based icons
  • A multi-column layout for improved tablet usage

Based on student feedback, this upgrade also replaced the breadcrumb-based navigation with a menu-based navigation and a fully redesigned Class Schedule with swiping gestures. 

October 2015

Additional user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) enhancements have followed in October, as well as new student functionality for Financial Aid and graduate and undergraduate applicants. Additional content has been mobilized, providing the ability to:

  • view financial aid award summary and anticipated aid detail
  • view application status, offer conditions, education profile, and test scores
  • upload documents (transcripts, resumes, portfolios, etc.)
  • accept/decline offers
  • apply for an entrance bursary (undergrad)
  • view official offers (grad)

What student testers are saying about Quest Mobile

Very simple, easy.  Any student should be able to use it with ease.

Great! Much better than fighting with the desktop version of Quest on my phone.

A+ formatting!

Have you used the Quest Mobile site? Which feature is your favourite? How does Quest Mobile make your life easier?

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