Students in three faculties now have access to the student portal. Last month, Engineering students joined those in the Faculties of Environment and Arts, and student feedback has been very positive.

Math students will be invited to access the portal starting this month, followed by Applied Health Sciences (AHS) in March, and Science in May. Assuming the portal’s technical infrastructure continues to perform well, all students will have access to the portal by the end of May 2015.

New user interface

A new user interface was released in mid-December, reconfiguring the layout with the addition of a widget browser. new portal interface screen shot This lets students favourite their commonly accessed widgets and deliver content one widget at a time – an easier way for people to consume the information. The portal home screen also delivers a just-in-time information snapshot of a student’s day, such as upcoming classes, events and athletic games. Additional changes were made to the calendar and social feeds, showcasing current content on the home page, rather than under separate tabs.

These changes were a result of student feedback and a growing awareness of how students interact with the portal’s content.

New widgets

New widgets are continuously being developed for the student portal, as well as refining existing widgets. Recent additions include:

  • WatCard widget – students can view their current balance and most recent transaction WatCard widget screen shot
  • Awards widget - undergraduates can search for awards based on award name and program Awards widget screen shot
  • Computer lab widget – real-time lab availability for Arts and Engineering students Computer labs widget screen shot

Student development framework

The portal team is currently developing a technical framework and guidelines for students to create their own portal content, and early testing will take place this term.

If you would like to be included on the campus partner email updates, please email Jude Doble, the student portal project manager.

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