I am very pleased to announce that since our last meeting at the March Open House, the IT strategic planning team has completed a strategic directions document for the university community.

Taking a university-wide perspective to IT, this document is the first of its kind and carries with it an underpinning motto of "Together We Enable".  As we move towards the implementation phase of the Strategic Plan, the strategic directions identified will focus our attention on four key areas:

  • Revitalize our student IT environment
  • Grow our technology-enabled learning environment
  • Build upon information and technology foundations to support research and administration
  • Work together to improve usability, delivery and support of IT

For each direction, a set of potential opportunities have been identified. These potential opportunities are tangible initiatives that align with (or are mapped to) specific Strategic Objectives outlined in the Strategy Map. Work on these potential opportunities for areas that required immediate attention is already underway. The remaining opportunities will need to be reviewed and prioritized. Some of these opportunities will be ‘quick wins’, completed over a six month period. Others may take upwards of eighteen months or longer to complete given their larger scope. Details about the opportunities we’ll be moving forward on and their expected time lines will be shared over the next six months.

Each potential opportunity, once prioritized, will require a measure, or indicator, by which we can gauge the success of the initiative. We will start off with very tangible measures and refine them over time/add to them as we get the IT Strategic Plan implementation underway.

The strategic IT directions are intended to grow and adapt to keep pace with the University-wide Strategic Plan, changing technologies and user priorities. With your continued participation we will work towards enabling an exceptional, innovative federated IT environment at the University of Waterloo.

I look forward to hearing from you as this process evolves.


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