WaterlooWorks: Project overview and update

WaterlooWorks is part of Co-operative Education & Career Action's (CECA) Systems Strategy. It will replace JobMine, our current co-op and career recruiting system, and integrate numerous standalone applications that support co-op and career success such as career workshops, career appointments, job sign-off request form, and eCheckin.

Current state

Two successful pilots with WaterlooWorks have been completed with the architecture student and employer groups in spring and fall 2014. The first pilot focused on building an understanding of the new application and infrastructure to inform future process design and technical enhancements. The second pilot focused on staff processes and use of the system. The third pilot (winter 2015) continues to provide us with valuable insight while the focus remains on refining CECA processes based on the gained as architecture students and employers continue to use WaterlooWorks.

Feedback from employers has been positive. We’re finding that they are able to self-serve for the majority of processes (registering for the system, submitting jobs, selecting students to interview, and ranking candidates). One of our account managers shared this story during our second pilot:

One of the employers, a self-described dinosaur with technology, had a lot of problems last term and we ended up doing most of the inputting of information on WaterlooWorks for him. This term, he took a bit of extra time and did everything himself. Not only was he the first one to enter his interview schedule, he indicated that it was straight forward and did not take a lot of time, just a bit of a mental shift from telling us what he wanted done to doing it himself.

Students are finding that the system is an improvement over JobMine. They have commented that the system is easy to use and intuitive, and the new features like 24/7 access and Google Maps are much appreciated. One student wrote:

WaterlooWorks > JobMine.

Next steps

The WaterlooWorks team has been working very closely with IST throughout the project. In the fall, a performance review identified areas that require enhancements or would benefit from additional hardware. IST recommended not adding many more users until these issues were remedied. The impact of this review on full implementation is being assessed and the team continues to maintain its flexible approach to implementation. This will also ensure that the system is launched when the technology, process, and help/documentation are in place to fully meet the scale of Waterloo’s co-op program.

Project benefits

There are multiple benefits for all stakeholders, including:

Student benefits

Employer benefits

CECA staff benefits

  • Enhanced job search criteria and saved personal searches
  • 24/7 access
  • Job postings include Google Maps
  • Quick search categories for new and expiring jobs, jobs targeted to individual programs, and jobs added since previous log-in
  • Improved user interface
  • 24/7 access
  • Ability to self-serve for most functionality
  • Enhanced application screening functionality
  • Customized dashboards that provide an at-a-glance view of work
  • Interaction tracking
  • Service team assignment
  • Saved personal searches

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is an important piece of the WaterlooWorks project. The team looks to engage as many as possible through different methods, and encourages feedback from all.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the project, check out CECA’s Systems Strategy website – there’s a lot of information about the scope of the project and the benefits the new system will bring to students, employers, and CECA staff.

Any other questions or comments can be directed to waterlooworks@uwaterloo.ca.

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