Changes to Media Resources library service - August 1

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Update (Aug 1): Instructors and TA’s can now assign or change podium fob access online

What is happening? Information Systems & Technology (IST) will be making changes to the way the Media Resources library service is provisioned. This collection of resources is intended to supplement the University of Waterloo's academic curriculum and research needs.

What is the impact? 
IST’s Media Resources office and preview room (in MC 1007/1009) are being closed due to declining usage of these resources. Services will be offered as follows:
Media resources
  • Physical resources:
    • Approximately 500 media resources used in the past 24 months will continue to be readily available, through sign out from the IST Service Desk located in the Davis Centre (DC) Library.
    • A DVD player and viewing area will be available at the service desk if required by the student.
    • Resources will now be available over the lunch hour, during the evenings and on the weekend (availability will align with DC Service Desk hours).
    • The remaining 9,000+ physical resources, which includes DVD’s not used in the past 24 months, and other media formats (e.g. 16mm and VHS), will be kept in storage, and may be signed out from the IST Service Desk located in the Davis Centre (DC) Library, with 24 hours’ notice. Popularity and/or use of these remaining titles may be reviewed in future.
  • Inter-university loan: inter-university loan of physical resources will continue to be available, with two weeks notice required to obtain materials from other universities.
  • Online resources: Over 20,000 titles will continue to be available for streaming.
  • Copyright licenses: All of the titles owned by the University have a campus-wide license and can continue to be used in a course for instructional purposes. Related questions can be submitted to
  • Student Operators: Requests for a student operator can be sent to Marcel David,  
Podium fobs
Administration of podium fobs will transition to Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS). The new process will simplify and automate podium fob assignment and access.
  • Obtaining a new fob: Instructors and teaching assistants (TA) can now obtain a podium fob from the IST Service Desk in either the Dana Porter or Davis Centre Libraries.
  • Assigning or changing access: Podium access can be assigned or updated by the instructor/TA via a new website. Link will be shared closer to the launch date (August 1).
  • Lost or stolen fobs: Please report to A new fob can be obtained from any IST Service Desk. Access can be assigned to the new fob via the online form.
When is this happening? These changes will take effect on August 1, 2019.
Why is this happening? Over the past 24 months, IST reviewed the services offered through our Media Resources office and found usage of the physical media resources, and preview room, has declined. Of the 9,500 titles in the physical media collection:
  • Seven of the 1,800 16mm films have been used in the past 24 months.
  • 12 of the 3,900 VHS tapes have been used in the past 24 months.
  • 370 of the DVD’s have been used by Waterloo faculty in the past 24 months, with 195 of those used a single time in the past 24 months.
  • On average, physical media is used 36 times per month.
Given the declining usage of the physical resources, the Media Resources office is being closed.
Questions or concerns?
Questions about media services should be sent to ITMS at or ext. 33233.
Questions about signing out media resources should be sent to the IST Service Desk, or ext. 44357.
Questions about the decision to close the Media Resources office may be directed to the Chief Information Officer, Bruce Campbell,
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