Improving student name usage experience on campus – Impact to employees

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
What is happening? In response to feedback from students, the “Improving Student Name Usage” project was initiated in May 2019. The aim of this project was to allow students the opportunity to use a chosen/preferred first name broadly on campus, while retaining their legal first name on tax receipts and official documents. This is an important change, not only to accommodate the student’s first name preference, but because their chosen/preferred first name, and not their legal first name, may be the only name they identify with. Some changes to how and where first name information is displayed in campus systems must occur to support this work.
When is this happening? The changes will be made in January 2020. A specific date will be communicated closer to this time. 
Why is this important to me? While this project was aimed at addressing and improving name use options for students, the changes that will be implemented may also impact University employees.
What is the impact? There will be no impact to an employee’s name in Workday. However, since WatIAM is becoming the centralized place for student name change requests, employees may be impacted. Specifically, once this change is made, the familiar name field in WatIAM will become the chosen/preferred first name field for all individuals, regardless of affiliation (e.g. student, employee, retiree). Changes will be reflected across these systems within 24-48 hours.
What does this mean?
  • Employees who have entered a familiar name in WatIAM in the past will now see this name in systems that access WatIAM, such as the White Pages, Office 365, DUO, and their email account.
  • If the employee has an account in Quest (e.g. as an instructor or student) their chosen/preferred name will now be displayed in Quest and any of the downstream systems the employee uses (e.g. LEARN).
  • If the employee has no chosen/preferred/familiar name entered in WatIAM, the field will continue to display their legal first name.
What do I need to do? Employees should log in to WatIAM before January 2020 to check the information entered in the chosen/preferred name field, and update as desired.
Will this change affect campus systems? Yes. Please visit the WatIAM website to review the specific changes for several campus systems, and to learn more about where your chosen/preferred name may display.  
Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, or ext. 44357.
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