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Portfolio Management Group Workshop - September 23rd

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Workshop itinerary

The workshop is broken into 2 parts to accommodate flexibility in attendee scheduling.  Attendees are encouraged to participate throughout the workshop, but we understand that this time commitment is a substantial request.

Session 1: Introduction and Priority [1 hour]

  • Introduction and Outline for the Workshop [15 min]
    • Pam Fluttert will provide a background of the PMG and context for how the workshop fits into the overall work of the PMG in serving IST.
    • Our facilitator will provide a general overview of the workshop and provide some definitions and ground rules for discussion.
  • Prioritising items to address [30 min]
    • The workshop will break into groups, each group will have an assigned facilitator and theme area for discussion.
    • From the list of items in the assigned theme area, each group will be asked to select a method of prioritisation to identify the top 1-3 items to be addressed in the next session of the workshop.
  • Present items to other groups [15 min]
    • The groups will be asked to briefly present which items they will be discussing and how they identified priority.

Session 2: Root cause analysis [1 to 1 1/2 hours]

  • Root cause analysis [45 min]
    • The groups will use a variety of tools and techniques, led by their group facilitator,  to reach an understanding of the root causes for their identified pain points.
  • Presentation of findings [15-30min]
    • The groups will be asked to briefly present their findings regarding root causes, as well as any solutions recommended or implied by these causes. 
  • Recording and Next steps [15 min]
    • The group facilitators will be asked to provide a summary of their findings for collection.
    • A report of these findings will be made available the following week for review.
    • A brief introduction of the next PMG Workshop on project management methodologies.

Please indicate below your availability for either or both sessions.

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