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Scantron card processing - appointment booking

Book an appointment for Scantron card processing

  1. Log in to book your appointment.
  2. Select a date and time that works best for you on the next business day.
  3. Choose your appointment option:
    1. If your appointment is for scanning-only of Scantron cards, a 15 minute appointment will be booked.
    2. If your appointment is for scanning and training (on how to use the software to mark the exam), a 30 minute appointment will be booked. 
  4. After submitting the form you will receive confirmation of your appointment via email from the RT system.
  5. Location for your appointment is EC2. Please come to the lobby and a staff member will meet you. 

    There is a small waiting area with four chairs and a table to the left when you enter the building.

    Please make sure to:

    1. Bring a usb key with your scantrons
    2. Ensure all scantron cards are facing the same way
    3. Have the test answer sheet filled out before you come 
    4. Fill out the scantron slip and sign in at the front in EC2

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.