Services unavailable during the MC power shutdown

Note: This page will continue to be updated as impacted services are identified.

To report an IT service delivery issue that may be related to the MC power shutdown, please contact the IST Service Desk at or ext. 44357.

  • Bomgar (online chat/remote help)
  • Data Center specific services (includes but is not limited to):
    • Creation of new virtual machines (VM)
    • Allocation of new network storage
    • Installation of new physical hardware
    • Modifications to server farms on the load balancer
    • Creation/modification of subnets and associated access control lists (ACL)
    • Modification of firewall policy

Note: TIS will continue to troubleshoot server and service issues within the Data Center during the outage, but due to increased load some performance issues may not be resolvable. Work outside the troubleshooting process will not resume until redundancy is restored. 

  • Media library
  • Network (parts of the core network will be operating without redundancy)
    • Core routers
    • Wireless controllers
    • VPN
    • DNS
    • Traffic Optimizers
    • Data center routers
    • Data center firewalls
    • Distribution routers
    • Distribution firewalls
    • Load balancers​

Note: External and internal connectivity will function at full capacity and Internet access will not be affected (one external router will be supported by generator power).

  • OnBase non-production environments
  • Personal websites via (
  • Podium access
    • No creation of new fobs or updates to existing fobs for podium access
  • Waterloo Photos
  • WCMS
    • Training sites (
    • Development (
    • Profiles (
    • Sandboxes (
  • WCMS Drop-in lab (available by appointment only)

Updated August 22