Desktop and Portable Computing

Wireless access on-campus.
Helping you meet your printing needs.
Licensed applications for purchase and download by students.
Connect securely to the Waterloo network from a remote location.

Communication, Collaboration, and Web

Transfer files from one person to another using a web interface.
A cloud-based service for faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students.
A secure video sharing service.
Providing easy access to institutional data to write your own applications.
Delivering relevant, up-to-date information to students.
Undergraduate student email provided by Microsoft Office 365. Graduate student email provided by Exchange (Connect).
Personnel and departmental directories.
Helping you manage and track code in your development projects.
Campus emergency preparedness and personal safety app.


Protecting your computer against threats and viruses.
Determining the cause and providing resolution for IT security compromises.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides better protection against hackers stealing your password.
University identity management service.

Teaching, Learning, and Research

Lending you presentation technology.
Creating professional media content for instructional and media needs.
Instructional media to assist your teaching efforts.
In-classroom electronic polling system.
UWaterloo's primary online learning environment.


The wireless network that spans the University.

Professional Services

Helping you prepare your e-thesis.
Soliciting IT ideas and needs and assessing them for feasibility.
Helping you in-person or online with a variety of computing tasks and problems.
Thousands of free online courses for your use.
Helping grow and strengthen your project management knowledge.
Your gateway to receiving IST support.
Obtain digital scans of physical documents.
Short-term laptop loans for students.