Desktop and Portable Computing

Wireless access on campus.
The IST Webstore provides access to site-licensed software funded through cost recovery. Access to software requires a valid internal account number.
Helping you with Mac products.
Configuring and troubleshooting your mobile device for use on-campus.
Helping you meet your printing needs.
Licenced applications for purchase and download by faculty and staff.
Connect securely to the Waterloo network from a remote location.

Communication, Collaboration, and Web

Arrange conference calls with participants from around the world.
Wiki software supporting group collaboration with many useful plugins.
An email security gateway product used to detect Spam and other email threats.
Faculty, staff, and graduate student email and calendar.
For electronic and traditional faxing.
Transfer files from one person to another using a web interface.
An issue tracking software that provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions.
A cloud-based service for faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students.
A secure video sharing service.
A secure enterprise messaging system. 
Ordering a University-purchased mobile device.
Providing easy access to institutional data to write your own applications.
Provided by means of Qualtrics Insight Platform - a powerful enterprise-class survey system.
A web server that only serves redirects. This is used to provide redirects for entire web hosts and domains that are no longer in use for serving...
Microsoft Sharepoint collaboration environment.
Instant messaging, desktop sharing, conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP) and video calling.
Providing your department telecommunications billing reports.
Personnel and departmental directories.
Managing a variety of telephone activities.
Personal websites for Waterloo faculty and researchers.
Helping you manage and track code in your development projects.
See and hear your colleagues over a video link.
The Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) is the centrally supported website creation and maintenance tool at the University.
Provided by the WCMS team in IST - WCMS Web Forms are secure, on-campus forms included with your WCMS website.
Campus emergency preparedness and personal safety app.
Helping to ensure your web content is accessible to all visitors.
Collaborate over the web using Adobe Connect or Cisco WebEx.
Web voting is used for official University online voting only. It provides counting and access control for online votes.


IST will design and install electronic access infrastructure to meet the security needs of the space.
Protecting your computer against threats and viruses.
Determining the cause and providing resolution for IT security compromises.
Installation of intrusion detection systems, including motion sensors, glass breaks, vibration senors, door contacts and keypads.
Learn to identify and avoid falling for phishing scams.
A secure, centralized repository for public keys used for Secure Shell authentication.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides better protection against hackers stealing your password.
With consultation and approval from the Special Constable Service, IST will design and install cameras for the purpose of video surveillance.
Helping you identify and resolve vulnerabilities on your computing systems.
University identity management service.

Teaching, Learning, and Research

Maintaining classroom technology to help you teach.
Lending you presentation technology.
Creating professional media content for instructional and media needs.
Instructional media to assist your teaching efforts.
Creating technology-enabled spaces.
In-classroom electronic polling system.
Detecting text matching and helping identify plagiarism.
Detecting text matching and helping identify plagiarism.
UWaterloo's primary online learning environment.
A Microsoft Azure-based system for virtualizing operating systems, providing virtualized desktops and applications in the cloud.


Protection against data loss or corruption.
For your large-scale storage needs.
Purchasing and deploying computing hardware in IST machine rooms.
Managing domain names and IP addresses for computers on the campus network.
Providing reliable databases for your use.
Providing managed server environments to host your applications and services.
Installation of ethernet or fibre optic cabling.
A Microsoft Azure-based system for virtualizing operating systems, providing virtualized desktops and applications in the cloud.

Professional Services

Helping you process exams and survey results.
Soliciting IT ideas and needs and assessing them for feasibility.
Helping you in-person or online with a variety of computing tasks and problems.
IT training courses with an general focus.
IT seminars - all staff are welcome.
Thousands of free online courses for your use.
Helping grow and strengthen your project management knowledge.
Your gateway to receiving IST support.
Obtain digital scans of physical documents.
IT training courses with an academic focus.
Booking computer labs that help to facilitate learning and growth.
Information to help you create/maintain your website.