Connecting to the eduroam wireless network using an android device

See also: settings for Android 7.x.x.

  1. From the home screen, pull down the drag menu on the top of the screen. Press and hold on the wi-fi icon OR select Settings by clicking the gear icon.
    1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet and then click Wi-Fi.

      Select wi-fi icon          Select network & internet
  2. Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned on and locate the eduroam wireless network.

    Toggle wi-fi to be turned on          Select the eduroam network

  3. After clicking on eduroam, a setting popup where you will configure eduroam for use.
    1. Set the EAP method as PEAP
    2. Set Phase 2 Authentication as MSCHAPV2
    3. Set CA Certificate as (Unspecified)
    4. Enter your uwaterloo email address in the Identity field in the format (replace userID with your WatIAM userID)
    5. Leave Anonymous blank
    6. In the Password field, enter your WatIAM password

Fill in fields

  1.  Click Connect and you should be connected.


Eduroam and Android 7.x.x

  • Tap Settings.
  • From the menu, tap Wireless networks.
  • Tap Wi-Fi settings.
  • Tap eduroam.
  • From the EAP method drop-down list, tap PEAP.
  • From the Phase 2 authentication drop-down list, tap MSCHAPv2.
  • From the CA certificate drop-down list, tap Use system certificates.
  • In the Domain text box, type:
  • In the Identity text box, type your UWaterloo email address in the format (replace watiam with your WatIAM username).
  • Clear the Anonymous identity text box so that it is empty.
  • In the Password text box, type your WatIAm password.
  • Tap Connect.