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Uploading your thesis to UWSpace

UWSpace is the University of Waterloo’s institutional repository, an open access archive of scholarly content produced by members of the uWaterloo community.

Your uploaded thesis will appear in the ETheses Collection in UWSpace following approval from the Graduate Studies Office and cataloguing in the UW Library.

When you are ready to upload your thesis (your thesis has been accepted and any required changes have been approved by your department), you will need your WatIAM/Quest username and password for this process.

Uploading your electronic thesis to UWSpace

UWSPACE has been recently updated. The instructions below are out of date, but will be updated shortly.

Upload your thesis

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the 'Login' link on the right.
  3. Enter your CAS credentials.

At any point during the submission process you may choose Save & Continue, followed by the Exit Options button to save your entry and continue at a later time/date.

  1. Rename your thesis PDF file to Lastname_Firstname.pdf (replacing 'Lastname' with your last name and replacing 'Firstname' with your first name (without any diacritics)).
  2. You will receive a window asking you to enter your Username and Password. Enter your WatIAM/Quest username and password and click Log in. If you have not registered, you will need to do so before you will be able to log in.

Login screen

  1. On the next screen, click Start a New Submission
    1. Note: If you have already submitted once, do NOT click Start a New Submission; instead see the Re-submit/make changes section below).
    2. On this page there is also a link to UWSpace Help... that also has a link to the EThesis project team. If you want to continue a submission that you started earlier, you will see an Unfinished Submissions section at the bottom of your screen and you can choose to Open or Remove any unfinished submission.

start a new submission button

  1. On this next screen, ensure that Electronic Theses and Dissertations (UW) is chosen as the Collection in the drop down list and click Save & Continue >

Choose collection drop down box

  • Exit Options button: From this point on you will have an Exit Options button at the bottom of most of your submission screens.
  • To save your current screen, click Save & Continue before clicking the Exit Options button. If you click this button you can choose to return to the previous screen (Oops, continue submission), or to Remove the submission, or to Save it, I'll work on it later.
  • If you choose this last option, you can save what you have done so far and log on later to continue your submission (the next time you log into My UWSpace you will see an Unfinished Submissions section at the bottom of your screen and you can choose to Open or Remove any unfinished submission.

Cancel or save submission options

  1. If you do not have any multi-media or data files, leave this screen as is and click Save & Continue.
  • If you are submitting any multi-media or extra data files with your main PDF thesis file, then read the information on enhanced thesis and check the box beside The item consists of more than one file. before clicking Save & Continue.
  • From this screen forward you will also notice a 'bread crumbs' bar at the top in red/grey. You can use this to quickly go back/forward to screens you have already been on, to edit or make changes. Ensure you click Save & Continue on the appropriate screen if you do make any changes.

breadcrumbs for submission process

  1. Next, enter your Last name and First name (make sure your full name is entered in exactly the same format as it is listed on the title page of your thesis but do not use any diacritics (or accented characters) in indexed fields such as title, author or keywords).
  2. Enter the main title of your thesis (do not use any diacritics(or accented characters) in indexed fields such as title, author or keywords) Choose your Department, Program and Degree from the drop down lists. Lastly enter the year (month/day are optional) your thesis was accepted/approved and the language it was written in and then click Save & Continue.

Describe your item screenshot

  • You may now add keywords if you like (do not use any diacritics (or accented characters) in indexed fields such as title, author or keywords); keywords are additional access points for searching purposes; click on the Add More button if you would like to add more than two.
  1. Next, enter the abstract of your thesis. You should copy your abstract from your actual thesis and paste it into the box. Note: that there is a limit of 350 words (extra words may be cut out).
    1. If any special characters are required, click on Special Characters Help... and then click on the UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters link and copy and paste any characters you need from this table into the text box for your Abstract.

Patent/Copyright or Publication Pending?

  • Select yes if a Non-disclosure Agreement form has been approved by your Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and a Request to Restrict Circulation of a Thesis form has been approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Select yes where publication is pending and you wish to delay web access/display for four months.
  • Otherwise, select no.
  • If you have comments for the reviewer, enter them in the Comments text box, then click on Save & Continue

Describe your item screen shot

Uploading the thesis file

Single file

  1. The next screen allows you to upload the PDF version of your thesis. Simply click on the Browse button, then browse to the location where your PDF file resides, select it and click Open; the name and location of that file will now appear; now click Save & Continue.

Upload a file screen

Multiple files

  1. If, on one of the initial screens, you chose 'The item consists of more than one file', then your 'Upload a File' screen will look like this. You have the opportunity to indicate which file you are uploading at this time. Follow the instructions above to choose the file to upload; then, type in a description and click Save & Continue. You will then have the opportunity to verify that the file uploaded correctly (described below) and you may click Add Another File and repeat this process or Save & Continue once you have added all the files.

upload multiple files screen shot

  1. On this page, for any files you have uploaded, you can click on their link and verify their contents.
    1. As an added check you can use 'checksums' to verify the file was uploaded without errors; click on Click here for more information to find out how. Once you are confident your file(s) was/were uploaded successfully, click on Save & Continue.

Uploaded files screen

  1. On this screen you can verify the information and files you submitted. Simply click on the associated buttons to correct any information you need to. You will be taken back to the page you entered that information on and you will have to click Save & Continue on each successive screen to return to this verification screen. Once all is well, click Save & Continue.

Verify submission screen shot

  1. Next you will see a screen similar to this one. You must click I Agree to complete the submission of your thesis. If you have questions about this you can visit or contact the UW Graduate Office.

Agree/do no agree screen shot

You have now successfully submitted your thesis. You will receive email (see Step 1. from the "Preparation/registration" section above to ensure your correct email address was used) to verify acceptance or for notification of changes required. You will then need to revisit this site to make the necessary changes.

Any questions may be directed to the EThesis Project Team.

Submission complete screen shot

UWSpace is The University of Waterloo's Digital Repository:

Once your thesis has been uploaded, accepted by the Graduate Studies Office, and catalogued by the UW Library, you will be able to view it through this site within approximately three working days.