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Outlook Web App for Exchange

Connect to your Exchange (Connect) email account using Outlook Web App (OWA). This is the easiest way to get your mail when you're using a different computer.

Internet Explorer gives you a "near-desktop" experience. Other browsers will work but the interface is the "Light" version which does not include all of the capabilities of the full version and has a slightly different look and feel.

Internet Explorer (IE) Tab for Firefox

Firefox users will notice that the web interface (OWA light) does not allow you to configure email filters. This functionality was added to OWA with SP1 so perhaps it's coming in a future release of the OWA light client. In the meantime, those on Windows machines using Firefox may want to check out the "IE Tab" Firefox Add-on. It provides the full OWA client experience within Firefox (by leveraging installed IE components on the Windows workstation). Alas, since IE needs to be installed locally for this Add-on to work, it will not work on Unix-based or Mac-based clients. After installing the Add-on, configure IE Tab using the Tools-IE Tab Options and add:


to the Sites Filter list. Restart Firefox and you should have the non-Light OWA option as the default login.