About faculty, staff and graduate student email

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to use Connect (Exchange) for both email and electronic calendaring. The Exchange server offers electronic mail, contacts and tasks as well as support for BlackBerry and web-based access. Exchange calendar is the booking and scheduling system used at the University of Waterloo.

Requesting a Connect account

Faculty, staff, and graduate students

First, check to see if you have a Connect account.

  • Try logging into OWA (connect.uwaterloo.ca) with your WatIAM credentials
  • Cannot log in? Then you do not have an account

If you do not already have a Connect account, contact your faculty service desk or academic support computing representative to request an account.

See Exchange (Connect) email FAQ for more information. 

Incoming graduate student accounts

Account creation

Accounts will be created for new/incoming graduate students each term. Following matriculation (student will receive confirmed date), email correspondence from the University will be sent to this new Connect account.

Connect and Office 365

If you were a University of Waterloo undergraduate student, email sent to your Office 365 account can be forwarded to your Connect account by creating an inbox rule


Accessing your Connect account

Log in to your Connect account (connect.uwaterloo.ca) with your WatIAM credentials. 

Receive email to Connect account

To start receiving email at this account, ensure that your WatIAM email forward field is set to userid@connect.uwaterloo.ca.

Note: There is a sending limit on Connect of 1000 emails per 24 hour period

About Connect email and Outlook

Exchange calendar

Exchange calendar is the booking and scheduling system used at the University of Waterloo. Using Outlook or the Outlook Web App click on the calendar button to access your calendar. 

Friendly email addresses

Rather than using your WatIAM userid as your email address, you have the option of creating a friendly email address (e.g. firstname.lastname@uwaterloo.ca).

Security and passwords

You should never share your WatIAM password, or your email password. There are rules for creating passwords and Waterloo IT policies, standards, and guidelines.

Computing support representatives

  • Submit a Request Tracker (RT) ticket to request@uwaterloo.ca. Please note if the request is of an urgent nature (less than a day).
  • Include the department or faculty, full familiar name and WatIAM userid of all users requiring new account(s).
    Example: IST Albert Einstein aeinstei

Exchange documentation from the faculties

Requesting a generic email

  • Generic email addresses are setup to receive email's addressed to a department or faculty. If electronic mail to a generic email address needs to reside in its own mailbox, then a generic email address can be created by sending email to request@uwaterloo.ca.
  • Addresses must clearly identify the organization unit within the University that is responsible for the generic email address. Because of the 8 character userid limit on some systems, friendly email addresses can be used to better identify who owns the generic account.
  • Generic/friendly email addresses should contain the faculty/department name, and if the account is a position, it should be followed by a period, followed by position. Some examples include pharmacy.director, computerscience.director, gradstudies.info, housing.
  • Any request for a generic email address that does not comply with these rules must be approved by CTSC.