Exchange Calendar folder permissions

  • Calendar folder permissions control how much detail people can see in a calendar folder, and whether they can make changes
  • Default permissions allow all users to see free/busy times

Reviewer permissions

  • Reviewer permission to read all items in the calendar
  • Includes all history and all items added to calendar in the future
  • Don't include sensitive or confidential information in a shared calendar

Editor permissions

  • Editor permissions to change items in the calendar
  • Editor can act on behalf of the calendar owner
  • Best practice is to have as few editors as possible to minimize conflicting changes

Calendar permissions in Outlook (preferred)

  • Requires owner permissions on the calendar, including resource owner and booking delegate

Add room to list of calendars

  • In calendar view, click Open Calendar, then Room List
  • Select the room and click OK
  • The room now shows up in your list of calendars

Access permissions

  1. Right-click on the calendar name and choose Properties.
    Outlook calendar list
  2. Click into the permissions tab
    Calendar permissions
  3. Click Add and choose the person who needs permission
    Calendar permissions add button
  4. Ensure the right person is selected
    Calendar permissions select name
  5. Choose permission level from the drop-down menu
    Calendar permissions menu

Settings calendar permissions in OWA

  • The Outlook Web App can be used to add permissions to a folder
  • Fewer settings are available than in Outlook

Open the Calendar

  • For resources or shared calendars you must first open the calendar
  • Click the icon in the top-right and choose Open Other Mailbox
  • Type the name of the mailbox and click Open
  • Click the icon with nine squares and then Calendar

Add a person to the permissions list

  • To add permissions click Share
  • Enter email address and Search directory

  • Share calendar invitation
  • Set permission level
    • Availability only - default
    • Limited details - subject line only
    • Full details - Reviewer - read-only
    • Editor - can change meetings
    • Delegate - will receive your meeting invitations - do not use for resources

Change existing permissions

  • Right click on Calendar and choose Permissions
    Right click permissions
  • View and change permissions as required
    Calendar view permissions