Resource documentation

Requesting a new resource

  • Submit a request to IST (email for a new resource
  • Provide: Name of the resource, room number, name of the resource owner, department name
  • Resource owner can login to the resource to respond to meetings or set up permissions
  • More than two resources owners is not recommended

Resources and shared calendars

  • In Exchange Calendar, the only resources are Rooms and Equipment.
  • Other types of calendars, such as a departmental vacation calendar, are set up as a shared mailbox.

There are two ways to book a resource or a shared calendar in Exchange Calendar:

  1. Inviting the shared calendar to a meeting.
  2. Creating a meeting directly in the shared calendar.

Meeting organizers and invitations

  • There are different settings that affect each type of booking.
  • Meeting invitations always have the creator of the meeting as the meeting organizer, and that person is always part of the meeting.
  • Direct bookings are done in the resource calendar and have the resource as the meeting organizer.


  Invite the shared calendar to a meeting Create a meeting directly in the shared calendar
Typical meeting room Most bookings are done this way. They are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Use rarely. One example would be to mark the meeting room as unavailable because of construction.
Teaching lab with approval required

Everyone in a department is allowed to request the lab. Bookings must be approved by somebody with at least Editor permission (set by the resource owner through Outlook).

Entering a class schedule in a classroom

Departmental publications or events calendar Nobody invites the shared calendar to a meeting. Everyone in the department has Author permission to the shared calendar. They create their own bookings directly in the resource, but cannot change other people's bookings. The owner of the calendar can change all bookings

Using shared calendars

  Invite the shared calendar to a meeting Create a meeting directly in the shared calendar
How to book The meeting organizer creates the meeting in their own calendar and invites the resource, either by clicking Invite Attendees and adding the resource on the Resources line, or by using the Scheduling Assistant to add the resource. The person who creates the meeting opens the resource calendar from their own account and creates the booking in the resource calendar. Directly booking a resource requires Author permission or greater to the shared calendar (set by the shared calendar owner through Outlook).
Meeting organizer The person who creates the meeting is the meeting organizer and is always an attendee of the meeting The resource is the meeting organizer. The person who creates the meeting does not have to be an attendee.
Processing The resource processes the meeting invitation and accepts or declines it based on the resource settings (as set by the resource owner through OWA). The meeting is in the resource calendar and cannot be accepted or declined.
Double-booking Double-booking is not allowed. Double-booking is allowed.
Changes Changes to the meeting must be made by the meeting organizer. (The resource owner can decline a meeting on behalf of the resource, but the meeting organizer still needs to modify the meeting to remove the resource and tell the other attendees that the meeting is not in the original location.) Changes to the meeting are preferably done by the person who created it. Anyone with Editor permission or greater can modify bookings, but the creator will not be informed of the changes (because they are not an attendee of the meeting).