Matrix of content storage solutions
Features OneDrive R: Drive N: Drive
Recommended use Personal files, or work files related to your individual work Department work files and sensitive data Personal files related to your own work
Default storage space 5 TB Not defined 10 GB
Maximum file size 15 GB N/A 10 GB
Connection requirements Internet connection required to backup files Internet and VPN (if off-campus) Internet and VPN (if off-campus)
Version tracking / history Yes Yes Yes
Offline sync Yes No No
Sync to multiple mobile devices Yes Laptops only Laptops only
256-bit encrypted storage & transfer Yes No No
Role-based access levels for sharing Yes Yes N/A
Account used to access Waterloo email address (e.g. Nexus account Nexus account
How to access Web browser, OneDrive sync client Network drive Network drive
Granular permissions at folder and file level Yes; limited to "can edit" and "can view"

Folder - yes  (only root-level),

File - no

Cross-platform Yes Computers only Computers only
Approved for sensitive (highly restricted) data Yes1 Yes Yes
Server location Microsoft-hosted cloud servers (Canadian) On-campus servers On-campus servers

1Extra security controls such as two-factor authentication (2FA) must be in place. Consult the Information Security Services team for further guidance.

Guides for adding OneDrive accounts

Guides and information for Windows

* These guides also work on Windows 7 and 8. Windows 7 users will need to manually download OneDrive from Microsoft.

Guides and information for Macs