Mobile device acquisition

Telecommunications Support can provide information for the acquisition of a corporate mobile device and best value service plan for faculty and staff members.

The primary devices supported on campus are Android and iOS phones but IST can support other mobile devices. See Plans & Prices page for options.

Note: When using a research account, it is the requestor's responsibility to ensure that any devices, accessories or services ordered are eligible on the account. Additionally, all charges to research accounts must be authorized in writing or email by the Principal Investigator or an authorized delegate.

If you are travelling outside of Canada, consider the travel add-on plans.

Who can use this service:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • IT Support Staff

How to request this service:

To order a Smartphone, the account administrator should email with the following information:

  • Device information:
    • Does user have a personal device they wish to transfer to the corporate plan? If so, please provide:
      • wireless number
      • provider name
      • provider account number
    • If new device is required:
  • User information:
    • name of user
    • building, room number, and department
    • email address
    • extension number
  • Billing information:
    • city where you want it to be activated
    • an account number for the charges
    • voice and data plan Y/N
    • data only Y/N
    • voice only $25.20 Y/N

Support for this service:

Please direct all telephone and wireless device correspondence to

All adds, moves, and changes to your wireless account should be sent to

For lost or stolen devices please submit a request ticket to Outside of business hours please call Rogers at 1-877-274-3375.


EC2 - East Campus 2
200 University Ave West