Prices are subject to change without notice.

The users receive negotiated rates as part of the corporate account and are part of the voice and data "pools" whereby all users share the total minutes and data for the entire account. 

If you travel outside Canada frequently, consider the travel add-on plan.

Three year voice and data plan (not available on UW employee personal plans)

Voice & data plan ($48.40 + taxes/month)

  • Unlimited Local Airtime

  • Unlimited Canada to Canada and Canada to US Long Distance Calls

  • Unlimited Canada to Canada, Canada to US, and Canada to International SMS/MMS  (Text/Picture Messages)

  • Voicemail (including enhanced and visual voicemail)

  • Call forwarding

  • Call waiting

  • Conference calling

  • Call and Name Display

  • 3GB Data (Canada only data,  pooled) - Data Pool Overage $0.02/MB

  • Users who travel frequently to the US should contact telephone services for information on available plans for US, US/Canada and North America.

Available devices

Current devices are available for viewing on the Rogers site.

Contact for current prices.

Upgrade an Existing Corporate Mobile Device

  • Device upgrades are available every 24 months.
  • Requests for upgrade should be submitted by your department TS administrator through

Rogers UWaterloo employee personal plans

(Only for permanent staff and faculty - billed personally)

For details on the UWaterloo employee plan please contact the Rogers representative Dave O’Connor at

  • Users on an existing corporate account wishing to transfer to a personal plan must contact the UWaterloo Rogers representative,  Dave O’Connor at