The University of Waterloo Rogers/Bell Corporate Accounts offer subscribers negotiated rates on a two-year contract. The corporate account is billed internally and paid for by your department.

The Rogers Employee Plan offers a personal plan discounted for full-time employees and is paid for and managed by the employee. Please contact Rogers representative Dave O’Connor at for plans and pricing.


Rogers Corporate Plans

On August 1, 2020, Telephone Services will migrate all subscribers currently owing $30 or less on hardware subsidy to the New Rogers Corporate Plan (i.e. money owing for the device itself). We will work with each department to migrate at a later date, all devices that have a balance greater than $30.

New Rogers voice & data plan ($19.05 + tax/month)

  • 6 GB's of data (any month you exceed 6 GB's increases plan cost to $49.75 for that month)

  • Unlimited local calling

  • National Rogers to Rogers calling

  • Unlimited domestic multimedia messaging service (MMS)

  • Basic voicemail, call display and name display

  • 24 month device warranty

  • Detailed billing

  • Option to "Roam like Home" when traveling to most locations


New Rogers voice only plan ($4.75/month)

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Basic voicemail, call display and name display
  • 24 month device warranty
  • Detailed billing

Available devices

  • Current devices are available for viewing on the Rogers consumer site but pricing will differ from the corporate account.
  • Contact Telecom Support for current corporate prices.

UW Bell Corporate Plan

Bell Mobility is available for subscribers that may require an alternate coverage solution. Please contact Telecom Support for current pricing. 

Upgrade an existing Corporate mobile device

Device upgrades are available every 24 months.

Requests for upgrade should be submitted by your department TS administrator through

Rogers UWaterloo employee personal plans

(Only for permanent staff and faculty - billed personally)

For details on the UWaterloo employee plan, please contact the Rogers representative Dave O’Connor at