Travel packs

Request a travel add-on plan

When you have chosen your travel plans, please send one week prior to travel using the online travel add-on plan request form.

If you require further information regarding travel with your mobile device please contact or extension 36000.

We require five business days to process requests. Late requests may not be processed prior to departure date. 


Travel packs when on a cruise/travelling on water

Please note when travelling over water, travel packs will not be instated due to changing geographic positioning. Travel packs are only available on land within the chosen country. Raw voice and data costs will be applied when using a device on any marine vessel. This can be extremely expensive. In the event of an emergency, WiFi data is the cost effective option (if applicable).


WiFi (free email when abroad)

Customers can get their emails and Internet free when they are travelling internationally if they tap into a WiFi hotspot location (they may be charged a small amount for this). They must setup their WiFi on the device to the local WiFi hotspot first.