This form is used to request a travel pack for your mobile device through Telecommunications Support. In order to have your package ordered in time for travel, please submit this form at least five business days prior to your travel start date. A representative will contact you within two business days. If you have any questions, please contact or call ext. 36000.

Note: BELL customers please contact for available travel plans.

Selecting a plan

Travel Package options offer a bulk amount of data/voice/text or voice/text. 

  • Each travel package is valid for a 30 day period from the day prior to departure. 
  • Voice minutes in travel packs are valid to make or receive calls to/from anywhere in the world from their destination.

Flex Rates only bill for what you use but in some cases at a higher rate.

  • Billed per each calendar month of travel.
  • Flex rates are automatically applied if a travel package is not requested.

Cuba - No travel package or flex rates available.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

Select a travel pack

Zone 1 - U.S. travel packs

Voice, Text, and Combo packages - Zone 1 (U.S.) * (required)

Zone 2 - Europe travel packs

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Zone 3 - Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Oceania and Russia travel packs.

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Zone 4 - Africa, Bahamas and Belize travel packs

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Select travel dates
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Enter traveler information
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  • No minimum term commitment.
  • Roll-over minutes will appear on the invoice until the product expires (not dependent on billing cycle).
  • Any unused minutes will be lost upon expiry (30 days from purchase).
  • Travel pack is automatically removed from the account at the expiry of the service (no need to call in to remove it). 

Note: Submitting this form does not place an order for a travel package. A representative will contact you to inform you of the status of your travel package order once this has been received.