IST offers the ability for NetApp filers managed on-campus to snapmirror portions of their data to IST NetApps for loss prevention purposes.

Who can use this service:

  • Staff

How to request this service:

Support for this service:

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Fees (as of Jan 01, 2018)

  1. The fee is CAD$750 per 5TB per year (1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes = 1,000 gigabytes)
  2. Fees are non-refundable
  3. The fee is prorated per month to the first of the month if service is not started on May 1st
  4. Included is mirroring to a second on-campus data centre
  5. For an additional charge of CAD$400.00 per 5TB per year IST will send a third copy of the data to a remote data centre
  6. Fees will be reviewed each January


  1. Space is leased on an annual basis
  2. The lease period starts May 1st of each year
  3. Service is prepaid for a year
  4. On the initial purchase the service will have 14 day trial period, with no cancellation penalty, before billing will start


  1. Upgrades can be done any time and are prorated to May 1st
  2. Downgrades are only done on May 1st


  1. IST reserves the right to refuse requests
  2. A limit on the IOPS: 5-min average of 200 IOPS per 5TB purchased
  3. CIFS exports will be managed with NEXUS active directory security groups
  4. 60 day maximum for provisioning


EC2 - East Campus 2
200 University Ave West