• ExamProc consists of two Microsoft Windows applications that are used to score Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) tests (ExamOMR) and to manage student test results (ExamBook).
    • ExamProc does not work with the 64-bit version of Microsoft (MS) Office 2010.
  • The ExamProc downloads requires authentication using your WatIAM username and password.
  • Note that Windows systems are frequently configured with higher security, preventing you from opening these applications. You may need to add the ExamProc download site to your list of "Trusted sites" in Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Security) before you download the software.
    • If you have already downloaded the software, you will need to download it again after making this change for it to run.
  • You may need to add the location of the ExamOMR database file to the list of "Trusted Locations".
  • From the MS Office button in Access, select Access Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations and add the location of where examomr.accdb is stored. This will get rid of the "enable macros" prompt.



If you encounter an error running the ExamOMR application identifying a missing file (comdlg32.ocx), you will need to comdlg32.ocx as well (most systems already have this file in either their C:\windows or C:\windows\system directory).

Web interface to electronic class list

A web interface to information from the student information system provides a convenient mechanism of obtaining electronic class lists.

  • This interface is restricted to authorized staff in each of the faculties.
  • A description of the interface is available from the class list form. Class lists are created with the various fields (identified in the first line of the file) separated by colon ":". This file may easily be brought into Excel.