Other available software for Students

Now available: Microsoft DreamSpark - Professional Developer and Designer software tools for students.

  • Please note an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is required.
  • The Registrar's office provides a form associated with the ISIC application to be completed at no cost, verifying the student is a registered full-time UW student. This form is available in the Registrar Office, but not online.
  • An ISIC card costs under $20.00 and is available at Travel Cuts (one is located at the University Plaza) or can be processed through the mail.

Some companies allow us to include students in our special license arrangements for software.

Microsoft MSDN-AA Software – No Charge

See MSDN-AA for students instructions for instructions.

Site Licensed and Other Available Software

Available at the IST Service Desk (EC2 Lobby) to registered students (non-refundable).

Adobe Software is now sold as a subscription, for information please visit Adobe.

ArcGis (esri) (365 day license) 30.00
Autodesk (free download) no charge
Maple (PC/Mac/Linux), MapleSim 25.00, 55.00
SAS  (free download) no charge
Shazam (Econometrics software) 5.00
S-Plus (free download) no charge
Open Office (free download) no charge