How to use the voice mail email notification service

All voice mail accounts have a feature called remote text notification that will send an email message whenever a new voice mail message is left. The message includes the extension number or the phone number and calling line ID, if known, that created the message.

Configuring email notifications

It is highly recommended clients use Microsoft Internet Explorer (v6.0+) when using the MyCallPilot system as there may be unexpected results using other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

  1. Go to MyCallPilot and enter your five-digit voicemail box number beside "Mailbox:", and your numeric voicemail box password beside "Password:" and click the "Login" box.
  2. This will bring you to the "My CallPilot" page with two or more tabs near the top. Click the tab labeled "CallPilot features".
  3. Click "message notification" in the first column under "CallPilot Tools".
  4. In the "remote text notification" section near the top of the page you will need to:
    • Set the "Current status:" button to "on",
    • Select the drop-down box for device service: and choose the email over SMTP option,
    • Type a valid email address into the box labelled "Email address:". It is recommended that this be a valid campus email address in the form
    • Set the "Notify for:" button to "all messages", and
    • Click the "Save" button found near the top or the bottom of the web page.

If you see a popup box that asks if you want to download a Nortel voice player onto your workstation or stick with the current default player, just cancel the popup and continue.

When the next voicemail message is left for this mail box, a short email message will be sent to the address specified to inform you of the fact and to tell you the phone number that left the message.