Virtual Private Network (VPN)

IST provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to the campus community to facilitate telecommuting and other access to campus-based network resources.

The VPN uses the public Internet to connect a remote computer, such as a home computer or a laptop, securely to the UWaterloo network. The underlying principle is to make the remote computer seem as if it were physically connected to the campus network.

Who can use this service:

  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Staff

How to request this service:

Accessing all campus network resources

Users will need to install the VPN client software in order to get access to all campus network resources. In this case, you would run the Cisco AnyConnect client software, then do what you need to do to access the resource. For example, you would start the VPN client before running site-licensed software on your laptop that needs to connect to our license server, before mapping a network drive, or before starting your Remote Desktop client.

  • The VPN device network address is: ""
  • The "Connect to" location for the AnyConnect client is: ""


No cost.


EC2 - East Campus 2
200 University Ave West