WatVote is a Drupal-based electronic voting system that supports the official online voting needs on campus. (Qualtrics Online Surveys and WCMS Web forms are alternatives for other types of votes.)

WatVote currently supports two types of votes:

  • Referendum (yes/no) votes
  • Election first-past-the-post style votes (i.e. vote for 'x' of 'n' candidates)

WatVote provides counting and access control for:

  • official online voting
  • votes requiring authentication, security and anonymity

Who can use this service:

  • Faculty
  • Staff

How to request this service:

Request an official online vote using WatVote.

Note: Please ensure the university's mass email guidelines are followed. 

Average length of time to complete request:

5 working days after the submission of all the required information to set up a vote.

Support for this service:


No cost


EC2 - East Campus 2
200 University Ave West