January 2016

From its founding in 1957, the University of Waterloo has defied convention, breaking new ground, crossing old boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our 60th anniversary has been an opportunity to celebrate the stories that have shaped us, and to paint a vision of a bright future yet to come.

Investing in the next generation of leaders

Applied Health Sciences building

Alumni president on the mutual benefits of a life-long relationship with University of Waterloo

Remembering where it all began

"For four years, we did everything together, inspired each other, learned from one another and supported everyone to ensure that we were the best that we could be." - Dr. Mira Acs

Waterloo legends, nostalgia and trivia

Bookstore sit-in of 1966

In March 1993, a discussion of “urban legends” on the Waterloo campus started on the electronic newsgroup uw.general. It touched on two of the biggest traditions in particular:

Six decades at a glance

Aerial view of campus, 1961

Look at how the University of Waterloo has changed the world around us starting here in our region.

IP policy showdown

President Douglas Wright

Drama, shock, and celebration in the pursuit to retain intellectual property rights.

Canada’s only English-language optometry school

Optometry building 1978

A new and not well understood profession: “eye doctors” who would be not physicians but scientists, experts in how the human eye actually works.

The first graduates

Convocation, June 18, 1960

At not quite three years old, Waterloo had already jumped into graduate education.

The Brubacher farmhouse

Brubacher House

“Today the beautifully preserved home has become a landmark overlooking Columbia Lake and the University of Waterloo playing fields.”

Wanted: 150,000 engineers

Engineers using sextant's

In the 1950's there was a Canada-wide need for more highly trained "manpower" and Ira G. Needles had a proposed solution.

How it all began

Waterloo builders: J. Gerald Hagey (left), Ira G. Needles(centre) and Reverend Cornelius Siegfried (right).

On a Friday afternoon in mid-December, the University of Waterloo had its recorded beginning.