June 2017

From its founding in 1957, the University of Waterloo has defied convention, breaking new ground, crossing old boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our 60th anniversary has been an opportunity to celebrate the stories that have shaped us, and to paint a vision of a bright future yet to come.

Inspiration through Innovation

Karen Scian

I didn’t plan on staying in Waterloo after graduation.

It was a four-year plan, in and out, get the degree, then back home to Saskatoon.

But, as we all know, life likes to derail the best laid plans.

I liked it in Waterloo. I liked it so much that I raised a family, built a career, became a community advocate, launched a political career, started a business … I think I’m staying.

Becoming a UWaterloo engineer – A reflection on 60 years and a look to the future

Class of 1963

In 1957, we took our first classes in prefabs erected at what was Waterloo College on Albert Street. That fall we put the first Engineering float in the Waterloo College Homecoming Parade – a model of the planet with the moon and the just launched first Russian sputnik floating over head. From that humble beginning, the UWaterloo Engineering program has been successful beyond the wildest dreams of its founders.  The curriculum and approach to engineering education has changed dramatically and will continue to do so.